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Character is a Lie

Published February 24, 2018 by the vulture

What is a character  ? People slapping lips saying you don’t look like your character…. Maybe they are wrong or right.  But we live in tough court times. Everyone is judging everything and everybody.  Walk-in and try to read the minds. Sympathy, empathy all a symphony.  I don’t believe in you don’t look like your character. I got none, they got none. Or maybe, am imbecilic in that character turns out to be the individual. Maybe if you read this, please tell me the difference between personality, individuality and character. Please let an ‘innocent’soul learn and lean on this.  I hate embarrassing people with facts, because of a lack of knowledge. They lack a character as many will say. I say teach me what the teacher teach about and i will learn what the learners learn. Help me understand, is character a lie or a misunderstand. Si kwa ubaya, but learn to learn. I won’t run telling busy souls what it is that builds a character and creates one. But take it to know…. Am lost in my character and my personality defined. 

The vultures scavenge, character……. Scavengers? Is it the personality  ??!

Free Dark Thoughts



Me for You

Published January 12, 2018 by the vulture

I thought i would say, When i first saw it

The beauty and the radiance, 

Blinded the eyes inner me

Strong strokes hit the heart hard 

My love was broken long ago

Changed me into a temple run hitter

Now i run low in you

Listening to your melodic voice 

Loud or low, weakness in me

I can’t run away from this any day 

I am closing into you deeper

Deeper than any ripper ever got

This is all i wanted and i got it

I can’t knock it off so am keeping it 

Not for today or tomorrow but for long

Long than the rails crossing the fades 

Where voices get lost and get lost in the horizon 

Running Around 2018

Published January 1, 2018 by the vulture

Yeah, it’sthe first day of 2018. Page 1 of 365. Beginning of the craze of resolutions and getting your shit together in a new year marking new beginnings. We fail in making new identities and we fall off like never before. I got no resolutions, I don’t like engineering my own fails…..I don’t like it. I got no resolutions for 2018 but i got solutions to some of my problems of 2017. That’s all i got. Hold up your resolutions….. But it’s just for a while…. Soon…. You will be bitching  around a** kissing trying to remain in your solo track….. But seeking to know the fate of others… U fall off deep into forgotten grounds… Underground….. But life ni marathon… Speed keeps u alive… But aim ni kumaliza race…. Ukirun like the others utacollapse before the laps are over… Tukutane finish line at the end of 2018…… Either way,  an SUV or saloon we will be on the track for the year. Get your shit together. Am carrying my racks looking crippled…. But we getting to the end… No more average no typicals…. Pass the mark this year… 

Best wishes and a Blessed 2018

The vulturesite, we are back, and we will be scavenging in 2018 like never before. The drought is here, carcasses prostrate in our eyesight, wet your reading lips, for smashes…. 



Published May 4, 2017 by the vulture

Morning Bro,

My name is RWANDA..Your small bro…This letter is a bit long…anyway, how are You? Hope you are good…Just like Me. Bro, It’s long since we talked but this letter is urgent ! You have to do what I say!

Bro, in April 1994, the worst happened to Me. After the death of My President, Juvenal Habyarimana, who was a TUTSI, my people went totally crazy!

You see, The TUTSI and HUTU were the major tribes that I had…Now, the HUTU were smaller than the TUTSI and the TUTSI had held on to power for so long! And in April, madness began!

After a fierce campaign propaganda by the angry HUTUs, who wanted power too, I watched as the HUTU bought 581,000 machetes (pangas) from China.

I sadly watched as the HUTU also bought rocket launchers, mortar bombs, grenades and ammunition worth £18M from Egypt.

My heart was beating. My soul was scared. I watched, with sadness and fear, the media spreading false propaganda, lies and innuendo to the public!

I even watched the CHURCH preaching hatred, ethnicity and war.

I couldn’t believe this was happening. The stage was set for War. My children were getting prepared for the worst! Hate Leaflets were being spread. The HUTU were getting armed. The TUTSI were getting scared.

Bro, one sad morning, IT HAPPENED!

I heard children screaming! I saw women crying! I heard men wailing! MY HEART ALMOST STOPPED!

Bro, within 100 days, My children turned into animals! They butchered each other! Slaughtered each other! Ambushed each other!

I watched as 1,000 TUTSI children were burnt alive in a Polish Catholic Church!

I watched as 2,500 TUTSI men were bombed to death while hiding in a tiny, crowded Church!

I watched sadly as around 250,000 girls were mercilessly raped and beaten to death!

I watched as 400,000 TUTSI men lost their manhood after it was cut in public by the HUTU!

I watched as 2,000 women were thrown into a pit of fire like dead houseflies!

I watched endless rivers of blood flow. 

I love you so much with all this competition for a better world. 

I beg you… Please… Meditate on this. 

I sign out

Wailing at the Aisle

Published March 21, 2017 by the vulture

People cry all day and think overnight about this. We create illusions taking around businesses in a group. Life screws you everyday, you think hard. People are bitching around for a life. A life they wished for. A life so real in visuals and images drawn in skeletons. My mind runs eralds whenever i meet them. Yeah.  They are couples so strong. But you know what…. ? What??  I am so independent. So lost in this world but so sttong in my independence. My creativity runs whenever am alone thinking strong. Being single is great and free. Running around getting crushes on many. Living happily with thoughts streaming freely in my mind.  Useless illusions make me happy everyday. Nobody questions my desires whenever a curvy being goes past my eyes. Only my mind and thoughts question her credibility of being single. Why is she all alone? Can i change anything in her or maybe she isanother manila advert making rounds. Looking for simple prey, easy meat balls laying at the eyes of a vulture. Yeah. I enjoy being in this situation. So had to get outta the way. Let life not mess up with my emotions creating equations. Griding images to create gauges, that will not shelf the desires in me. 

I am living a simple life, so simple. Dimples run my mind everyday, whenever i see them. But, love is so affectionate and passionate. I have the affection but lack the passion. So my love is lost, like a dove in war. Peace broken into pieces. Am living single and i mingle later. Creativity is my passion. Make juice and lets sip as we make lines and dime in intense thoughts. Maybe in this, love will grow. If it doesn’t,i will be content with all i have. In silence,i will have my variance guided


Published March 9, 2017 by the vulture

to give us this morning of shadow-cast bodies lumped under thick, stiff quilts, wooden blinds chopping winter-white sunlight up into more manageable blocks my beautiful wonder sprawled on her stomach we rinse out sticky wine glasses to later refill every flat surface covered with clay, candles and their coated holders, pencils and canvas edges, dead […]


Published January 25, 2017 by the vulture

Particles of what once was whisper on the wind Hush and listen! See it dance in the light faint though familiar fragile but fading As if to say goodbye particles of what once was caress my cheek stop and feel it as they catch the wind and like wings take flight and darker falls the […]

via PARTICLES — Deuxiemepeau- Picturing Poetry by D. B. Donnelly