We Lost The War

Published May 2, 2017 by the vulture

Humanity,  used to exist. Yeah, there was that time when we all longed to stay for so long. Longer than the gods of life. My grandpa is in tears. We are whitewashed, brains purely drowned. Emptiness is what he sees. The world he lived in is different. Man has lost humanity. We lost the battle of humanity to materialism. Then, hearts were so big. Accomodating all the needs and demands. Today, we are living for money. I get today and am done. I will sacrifice my next door neighbor to hit the quan. I will ignore my past looking at a present so full of money. We are living on one side of the coin. We no longer toss it to see both sides. We read the first page of the magazine and not the magazine itself. Yes, that is what we do. So shallow in our thinking and acting. Why?  We no longer flip the coin. Poverty is striking us everyday. The rich are getting richer every passing day. Them, politicians, are instigating wars with their words. But we are blind to all this. We don’t see the larger scope. We see only the arc that is exposed in our radii. Men! We are lost. Accept it. We are gone. Far beyond humanity. Far beyond animosity. We are actually beasts. Incarnate. No past no future and a void present worth forgetting. We have lost the war of remaining human. Long ago. Maybe if you get this, you will check on your neighbor. Say a word and you will feel the beauty of being human again. It’s so sweet being human. But we are living on the bitter side of it all. 


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