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Published January 25, 2017 by the vulture

Particles of what once was whisper on the wind Hush and listen! See it dance in the light faint though familiar fragile but fading As if to say goodbye particles of what once was caress my cheek stop and feel it as they catch the wind and like wings take flight and darker falls the […]

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Published January 25, 2017 by the vulture

Assay will be at AWP17! Please come visit us at our Book Fair table and please attend our Saturday panel. We would love to introduce ourselves and to meet you in person. (Yes, we are shy, too, but we have Assay pens to give away.) Assay’s AWP Saturday Panel Information: Panel Name: S215. Assaying “Our […]

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Published January 25, 2017 by the vulture

In Vulture, book critic Christian Lorentzen suggests we dispense with terms like “postmodern” and “postwar” when discussing novels, and instead analyze them relative to the presidential administrations under which they were released. What will we mean when someday we refer to Obama Lit? I think we’ll be discussing novels about authenticity, or about “problems of […]

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Am Back

Published January 25, 2017 by the vulture

how it feels to lose someone

and then making a comeback

is one of the greatest feelings one has

what if

they left no word or notice

you end up

crippled in a stateless manner

hovering your mind across ideas

places and fantasize all through

because they are gone

but relief is

in their comeback

and here

I Am.