Published June 2, 2016 by the vulture

How you convince someone that your leadership is worth their life, i do not know. Maybe there is a deep secret in the dark chambers of your heart that has an answer to this. Maybe you were once a witch living only in the dark shadows of life underworld. Maybe you have some spiritual insights arising from th dead ancestors. I am worth my balls let your life make a walk. I can struggle you off the blood in your veins for an invasion. Life can never be the same again.I live for that day when self and fish will be different. When  the fish will not invade yourself but be shared by all in harmony. When the only thing defined by color will be the red wine. We all will be clear and sweet like champagne for the victors. My dreams will be valid if when you come across this , you will change your perspective and nod in silence with no frowns accorded. ADIOS



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