The First Thought

Published March 31, 2016 by the vulture
The first thought that really influenced my mind was in my early primary. Never had bee
n home alone for the first three or four years. I was taken to the pre-school school and a
as expected, i cried. This was one of the earliest decisions that i ever made in my life to date. My mind was feeble and all i would think off is to cry for my mum had left me to a stranger.
the stranger would come to be one of the most important persons that i would ever meet in my life. Probably, i shed tears of joy when i first set my eyes on her and not due to fear of the unknown.
She withstood my zero knowledge on everything in humbleness,low temper and high levels of understanding. She cleared a 
vacuum in my head and into it, imparted great knowledge of today that can keep you reading. She taught me the art of drawing, but i turned out to be awful so i never perfected my skills on it.
Anyway, when i kneel by my bedside every other night, i look into the heavens regardless of my ceiling obstruction and ask God to preserve special blessings for you. 
The First Thought-society


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